1. Passport: This must have a validity of at least 3 months beyond the validity of requested period of visa and should not be older than 10 years and must have at least two blank closest pages.

2. Photographs: 2 Passport size color Photographs that must be recently taken with white background or light background.(Standard size for passport photo).

3. Visa Application Form: Visa Application form (download here-PDF file photo) Need to filled up fully by each applicant separately. For minors, parents or the guardians must signed at both the places that is given on form

4. Travel Insurance: Travel insurance must cover Travel, Medical and Repatriation, duration of trip. This must cover EUROPEAN region. This is mandatory that you take annual insurance for your trip.

5. Proof of Travelling:

  • Driving License - Original and copy of valid
  • Car Insurance: This must be covering 3rd party insurance
  • Valid MOT Certificate:
  • Car Registration documents: This must be in the name of the primary holder/owner
  • Mode of transportation reservation: Return Ferry Reservation / Eurotunnel Reservation for Channel Crossing.
6. Hotel / Accommodation:Confirmation of booking flight tickets and stay in hotel with full Name and number of date and days must be provided.

7. Employer Reference Letter:Employment letter from employer must be provided on company's letter head (not more than one month old) and must consist of designation, start date of employment and holiday's dates.

08. Pay slips: Last 3 months Pay Slips must be provided (in GBP).

09. Letter from Accountant: In all the self-employed cases: We need last 3 months payment Vouchers and an letter from Certified Accountant / Solicitor that must confirming Self-employment status Company Registration No. and monthly /annual will be required. This letter must have all the information like- registration, address, contact details and duly signed by authorized person on original Letter headed paper.

10. Bank Statements:
  • Last 3 months Original Saving / Current Account originalBank Statements this must have-applicant's name, account number, sort-code & address details.
  • Internet printouts with a balance of £50.00 per person per day (i.e. Total number of holidays).
  • Travelers Cheques for £500.00 per person can be provided- In case of you do not have the Bank Statements.
11. School / University Letter: A Letter from School / College / University must confirming student status as full-time, Course details, attendance record and total leaves approved details. This letter must not be older than a month from the date of application.

12. Pension Book / Passbook Lette: Original Pension Book / passbook / statement or a letter must be showing income transferring in your account

13. Original Marriage Certificate: This must be in English language if in other language then translation copy and original certificate must be provided and translation must be certified by the Embassy / Consulate of the Country where your marriage was celebrated or by the legislation bureau of the Foreign Office in the U.K.

14. Original Birth CertificateIf traveling with child then the DOB-Birth Certificate must be provided in English language that must be shown full name of both parents and child. If the Birth Certificate is not in English, please submit an Official Translation which must be certified as a true copy by the Embassy / Consulate of the Country where a person was born.

Note:Incomplete documents will not be entertained .To view what documents we require, please read out the details mentioned above under the heading of"Document requirements for Schengen Visa"

  • For your questions related to visas documents requirements please email us on info@visafrance.org.uk
  • Nationals (even though spouse of british/EU national) from the following countries takes up-to 16 days to get their France Schengen visa applications processed: For all other nationalities we can do the visa processing in 3- 4 days after we receive the documents based on our slots.

Afghanistan Colombia Kuwait Nigeria Rwanda UAE
Algeria Congo(Zaire) North Korea Niger Saudi Arabia Vietnam
Bangladesh Egypt Lebanon Oman Somalia Yemen
Belarussian Indonesia Libya Pakistan Sudan Zimbabwe
Belize Iran Mali Palestine Syria  
Burma Iraq Myanmar Philippines Surnam  
Burundi Jordan Morocco Qatar Tunisia  
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